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Viewpoint Videos

The Viewpoint camera system is a great product offering Adventure Tourism businesses additional up-selling and marketing opportunities.

The Viewpoint system is a camera similar to a GoPro, but Viewpoint cameras come with their own multiple camera docking station and server, when you finish recording your experience and plug the camera into the docking station it automatically uploads your customer's video to our cloud platform and then prints off a unique scannable QR code receipt, which will give your customer full access to their video.

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Plug and play

The viewpoint system is a plug and play system with two connections, simply plug in the ethernet cable and power, and the system is ready to go.

Some of the many different activities that Viewpoint could benefit.

  • Go Karts 

  • Paint Ball

  • Luge

  • Mountain biking

  • 4 wheeler bikes

  • Motorcross

  • Zip Line

  • Bungee Jumping

  • Jet Boat ride

  • Off Road Buggy’s

  • Paragliding

  • 4 Wheel Drive Tours

  • Clay Bird Shooting

  • Parachuting

  • Skiing

  • Snow Boarding

  • Tree walk

  • Horse trekking

  • Laser Tag

  • Climbing Wall

  • And much  more....


Instant Replay TV

The instant replay unit can be installed into your kiosk/shop, Bar or Cafe. The instant replay unit connects to any TV with an HDMI connection. Your customers can instantly review their experience by scanning their QR receipt, then fast forward and rewind to view all the action!!

Some of our videos on YouTube

View some sample videos recorded at businesses around New Zealand.

Viewpoint demo's on YouTube

We would love the opportunity to talk to you more about Viewpoint videos, which we think could add many marketing and up-sale opportunities to your business.

If you have any questions or would like additional information or pricing options please do not hesitate to contact me.

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