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Your one-stop-shop for all things Rental Karting and more

We are importers and suppliers of rental Go Karts, New Zealand distributor of RaceFacer, RaceSafety, MyLaps and DeHaardt equipment and a lot of every day rental kart parts and accessories.


We are also a supplier of Laser Tag equipment, Amusement equipment, even Climbing Walls.


After years in the amusement industry and having trouble finding companies who will look after you and provide great service and a warranty on their product.


Continuously getting bitten by the shipping costs, duty charges etc plus the cash flow struggles when having to buy 6-12 months of stock each time to bring down shipping costs.


Sometimes finding you’ve been supplied the wrong parts and goods that are rubbish quality and your supplier isn’t standing behind their product and you’ve blown your money.


Over the past 12 years while in the industry we have operated Go-Karts, Laser Tag, a Trampoline Park, Climbing Wall, Bouncy Castles, Bungy Trampoline and other devices and accessories through another business, “Pro Karts”. Over that time we have brought and sold a lot of karts, parts and amusement equipment.


In the past 5 1/2 years, we have done a lot of business with others in the industry throughout New Zealand including importing a number of kart fleets and we thought it was due time to start a karts, parts and amusements business filling a whole in the industry in NZ.


About 5 years back I sold a colleague in Tauranga a fleet of karts, at the time he dreamed of running an indoor kart business in the Mount. After hours of discussions and consulting, I convinced him to build an outdoor track known that the Tauranga population along with a great climate would be the grounding for the beginning of a great business. Throughout the process over probably 18 months we helped him with everything from website content, health and safety plan and staff manuals, Work safe registration and more. We also provided him MyLap and Dehaardt equipment and a full lap timing system including the main server. About 4 years ago Bay Karts opened and they have been a force to be reckoned with in the upper north ever since.


Over this time we’ve also assisted a number of other businesses with upgrading their kart fleets or amusement equipment and developing their business. Helping them from our learnings and mistakes made over the years, assisting with their all-round growth and development of their businesses.

We now have a large range of great contacts worldwide for many different products and we have been able to test their product and service over time.  


Creating a network of likeminded business people all striving for the same goal of running a successful entertainment business in NZ.


It’s great to help small businesses and seeing them continue to grow.

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